Three Odd Ways to Make Quick Cash

Everyone has a time when they really need to get their hands on some cash fast. It might be to buy that ring for the perfect gal or put a down payment on that amazing car. It might be that your best friend has broken their leg and needs financial help. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of great ways you can make some quick cash to get what you need.


No, I don’t mean you should go out there and rob a bank, there are actually some pretty nifty ways to make some quick cash that are totally legal. Here are three that I think just about anyone can do if they aren’t looking to make enough cash to take a cruise around the world, just maybe get their hands on a bit extra of the old greenbacks.

Be Social and Make Money at a Yard Sale

If you do a bit of work, you can make some serious cash from a garage or yard sale. I used to make my rent every month when I was first a struggling writer by cruising the neighborhood on the days that people tossed out “big trash” like furniture, and grabbing it to take home. Add a coat of paint, fix it up and then sell it each month at a big fun yard sale.

I served coffee, started early and always dragged a big old armchair out where I would sit and hold court while selling all the stuff people in my town were ready to throw out. The trick, along with rescuing old stuff, is promote it well. I always made big colorful signs to let anyone know we had a sale and advertised in the local papers and online at Craigslist. Of course, you have to love to haggle, enjoy people and have a knack for looking at trash and seeing treasure.

Sell Books Online

You would be surprised how easy it is to sell books online. You may think only rare or expensive books would be worth the time and effort to sell online; however, money can be made on simple paperbacks you bought to read on the plane or old kids books you never got around to giving away when the kids grew up. The best bet is to sell textbooks as so many students are looking for used textbooks online.

You just might end up clearing out that bookshelf full of old novels and textbooks, sell the bookshelves online too, and have more space around the house as well as some cash in your pocket.

Tend Bar at Parties

I recently had to get my pouring license to help out a non-profit at a party and found out just how easy it is to get the occasional job pouring wine and beer at private parties. No sooner did friends hear that I had a license to pour then I had job offers pouring in, just like fine wine.

Now, this isn’t the kind of job I would want to do every weekend, but having one or two of them a month means I have some extra cash and I get to a lot of great parties. I have tended bar for weddings, birthdays and even a stag. So, while it may take a bit of work to pass the test, it is worth it for the gig opportunities it gives you to make some easy cash, hang out with some cool folks and have a good time while making a buck.

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