A Few Tips For Collecting Geek Art

Whether you are a comic book nerd, you love science fiction, or you spend most of your time glued to a screen gaming, you are a geek, and geeks love to collect. OK, that may be incorrect, there might be some of you that don’t collect stuff from your favorite geek genre, but many do.


When it comes to geek collections, it’s all a work of art to you. From the molded structure of your favorite action figure to the art in the video or computer game you are playing, geek culture is full of art and artistic talent. Just take a trip to a comicon once and you’ll get it.

Art For Your Walls

When it comes to art, most people think about the art hanging on walls first, and that’s OK. That may be one of the most common forms of art, especially found in people’s homes. When it comes to geek art, this wall art can take many forms.

If you’ve ever been to a comicon you know that wall art can come in many forms, from paintings to sketches, framed paper art to art on canvases. While shopping for your geek art you don’t want to just shop at your local big box store collecting art that everyone else has. Consider looking for one-of-a-kind, or at least some more unique art, at art shows locally or even online with sites like Etsy.

You should also check out your local galleries for unique artwork that supports your local community and local artists. You never know what geek piece you’ll find.

Art For Your Shelves

Much like wall art, art for your shelves, such as pottery and statues, can be found in much the same places. However, when it comes to your geek art fetish, you may go beyond the hand crafted arts and collect some things that are factory made as well.

Superhero busts and action figures are great collector pieces for nerds of all kinds. Keep them in their original packaging if you plan to have them be worth the most. Most packaging for action figures is made perfect for wall hanging!

Art For Your Body

One of the coolest, and most permanent, ways you can add some geek art to your life is to get your favorite geek culture items and references tattooed directly on your body. From favorite horror film killers to superheroes, people are getting geek culture tattooed on them all the time.

Why not get the Millennium Falcon as a back piece, or have Harley Quinn tattooed over your heart. With so many options, you could become a unique collector of geek skin art. Plus, it makes showing off your collection that much easier.


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