Tips For Buying A Work Laptop

Whether you are a small one-man-band business or looking to outfit your entire team, choosing a suitable work laptop is important. However, this can be quite a difficult decision to make, thanks to the wealth of options our there at the moment.


There are literally hundreds of different laptops out there to choose from, some more suitable than others for your line of work. Deciding between them can be a tough decision, particularly if you are not well informed about what makes a good laptop or not.


In the following post therefore, we will outline some important tips for buying a work lapto


p, even if there is a lot you don’t understand about computers.

Choosing a Design


The layout and design of a laptop is an important consideration to make. Make sure you choose the best design for the type of work you will be doing. Some questions you need to ask yourself include:


Do I Want a Traditional Laptop or a Modern Model?

Is flexibility and versatility important to you when it comes to your work laptop? In addition to the traditional laptop design where there keyboard is attached to the monitor with a hinge; you can now get what are known as hybrid, convertible or two-in-one machines that function both as a laptop and a tablet.

With some, the screen can be detached completely from its keyboard, while other models feature hinges that allow you to open up the computer so that it is inside out and then it can be used like a tablet.

If commuting is a huge part of your work, a hybrid laptop may suit you; however, if you work from the same location 90 – 10o% of the time, a traditional laptop should suffice.

Do You Need A Comfortable Keyboard?

The basics are often ignored when looking at the design of a laptop. Such as the keyboard. However, if the work you do involves a lot of typing and using the keyboard, the level of comfort it provides is important.

As a general rule of thumb, the smaller a laptop is, the smaller the keyboard is and if you have to type for many hours each time, using a mini keyboard can not only be frustrating but can cause fatigue and strain.

If you are able to, test out different keyboards and see what feels best to you. If however, you are unable to do that, pay attention to the size of keyboards that laptops you are looking at have before purchasing.

Is Having a Touch Screen Computer Important?

Although touch screens are a fun and nice feature to have, this is only if you are going to use them a lot. You will find that the majority of laptops that have touch screens and are compatible with a stylus are more expensive than those without.

It is also crucial to note that laptops with touch screens use more power than the models without. That’s even if you aren’t using the touch screen. What’s more, touch screens weigh more than standard screens.

With all of this in mind, if you need access to a touch screen device, it is worth purchasing a laptop with this kind of screen. However, if you don’t, it may be better saving your money and investing it into a computer with the features and specifications you really need.

Are You Travelling A Lot Of Working In One Location All The Time?

Following on from what we said earlier, portability is an important consideration to make when choosing a laptop for work. If you are travelling a lot as part of work then looking for a lighter model, that has a smaller sized keyboard and screen.

Laptop screens are measured from corner to corner and it is the size of the screen that often effects how heavy or light a computer actually is. Generally speaking, if you find a device that has a weight of less than 3 pounds, it will be easy and lightweight enough for working on the go. You should make sure a device you are interested in has all the relevant connection points and ports you need and an adequate battery life, before you choose one of the ultra-portable laptops available on the market.

Although it is not a decision you should make lightly, it is also one that you shouldn’t get overly stressed about. Hopefully with the above tips, you will find it easy enough to find a suitable work laptop.

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