Tools of the Trade: 3 Things No Digital Artist Should Be Without

Digital art is exploding as a professional occupation in today’s technologically enhanced society.  Even the Smithsonian admits that “technology is redefining art,” noting that art and technology have become “more intertwined than ever before.”

With all of the competition you want to be sure you are keeping up with the best of the best. You may have an amazing style and an imagination that is unrivaled, but without the proper tools that just isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Professional concept artists suggest you keep these three main supplies in your digital art toolbox: 

Pencil and paper 

Tried and true, these tools are crucial for setting the basic foundation of your artwork. They are easily portable and can be accessed any time inspiration hits. Many of the most successful artists admit that their best artwork began with a simple pen and paper sketching that ultimately became their digital rendition. (It goes without saying that erasers are pretty much part and parcel with your pencil here, right?)

The right tablet

Look at your tablet as quite possibly the best investment you will make for your career. Choosing the right or wrong one can make or break your creative flow.  Your tablet will replace all of the other art mediums (besides the pencil and paper you must have) that you may have used in the past, so you will be saving money on those purchases.  Using a tablet that has all of the capabilities that you need and more that you may grow into will help you be able to concentrate on your art, rather than on the machinery issues. Finding the best drawing tablets for artists is easy to do with a little research, but do not take someone else’s word for it. Analyze each tablet you are interested in to see which ones may work best for you. Every artist has a different, unique style and each tablet has little details that may work better for some styles than others.

A basic drawing program

Nothing fancy is necessary, however.  Many digital artists say the perfect program for getting started is Photoshop. Obviously, digital artistry is based on the premise that the art is in digital format, so sketches and other designs are important to set the basic ideas, but the ultimate result must be digital.  Modern films look for visuals that are eye catching, unique and colorful. Using Photoshop to help make your artwork stand out from the rest is very important. Once you have your career firmly in place you may want to invest in more expensive versions like 3D programs, but to begin with and get your foot in the door, Photoshop, Paint, or other basic art programs work just fine.

Digital art does not have to be expensive. Your imagination and creativity can take these three basic tools and produce an amazing final product. But without these tools, your ultimate creations may not ever make it past your mind.  Why wait? Add these tools to your digital artist toolbox and get creating your masterpiece!

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