Top 10 Gadgets to Have for a Startup Office

Having a small office for your business is surely a milestone that you should be happy and proud of. Reaching this stage means that you are doing well and that you are ready to take things to much higher level. But first, let’s deal with your startup office and the gadgets and furniture that you should buy for it to function and for it to look like a real office.


Since you are just starting, you will probably start with a small office, which is perfectly fine. And since you are dealing with limited space, it is advisable to think carefully about the gadgets that you will buy. Do not get too excited buying all stuff only to regret in the end after you realise that your office looks too cramped up and crowded.

So here are some of the most useful gadgets and furniture that we advise you use in your office:

  1. Laptop – using desktop computers are fine but for a startup business, the use of laptops is more practical. You will be able to save a lot of space when you use laptop instead of big desktop computers. Your employees can bring home the laptops in case they need to finish work. Besides, multitasking is a very common scenario for startup businesses. So to start, you might want to consider using laptops.
  2. Desk and chairs – for your office to look like a real office, you need to have desk and chairs for the workstations. But if your business is more like free-spirited and creative, then you can skip having individual workstation and instead come up with big tables where people can brainstorm and work together. Then, they can basically position themselves anywhere they feel comfortable working whether on the couch, kitchen table or in the big table.
  3. Filing cabinet – you will need filing cabinets too to store important documents and files like contracts, permits, researches and many others.
  4. Printer – a printer is also a necessity. For businesses that deal with creatives or marketing materials, you should consider investing on Konica Minolta A3 printers to help you print blueprints, 3D models and other stuff.
  5. Copier and scanner – it would also be good to have photocopy machines in case you need to produce multiple copies of files.
  6. Coffeemaker – well, you do not want your employees to feel sleepy especially early in the morning or late at night, so be a nice boss and provide a coffeemaker in the office.
  7. Water dispenser – a water dispenser is also important to keep everyone hydrated.
  8. Conference camera – to communicate well with future investors or clients who may be in different cities or countries, you need a high quality conference camera in the office.
  9. Projector – small businesses are big in meetings and brainstorming so make sure you have a projector that you can use during these meetings to get everyone in the same page.
  10. Telephone – lastly, it looks more professional to have office phone so go get one even though you think you don’t need one.

These things that we discussed in this article will complete your startup office and will make it function like any other office. You should make sure to consider the space available and refrain from putting too many furniture that you can actually function without. Think about functionality and practicality at all times. You should also make sure that you’re getting all of this at the cheapest possible cost so that you can free up budget for more important things that support the business further down the line. Especially with computer products and tech, you might struggle to afford the more costly things – so always be sure to check out price comparison sites that feature computer and accessories reviews to ensure that you’re getting the best available prices for the things you need, but that you’re not compromising on the specifications that you might require or just desire for the good of the business.

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