Top 4 Geeky Vacation Destinations

Does the prospect of vacationing away from the joys of modern technology have you feeling down? If so, you’re not thinking outside of the box. If you’re not outdoorsy enough for camping in the Catskills, take advantage of the precious few weeks left of summer to book a super nerdy vacation that’s more aligned with your interests. Consider the following vacation destinations for your next great adventure.


  • A Trip to Legoland (and Other Theme Parks)

Geeky parents, you’re in luck. Legoland, located around 30 miles north of San Diego, is the perfect family vacation spot if your kids are as interested in building worlds from multicolored plastic blocks as you were (and maybe you still are). If you don’t want to devote your vacation entirely to one theme park, consider staying at another resort with all the comforts of home – along with countless features and amenities – and making day trips to other parks in the region, such as Six Flags for fans of DC Comics.

  • Four Days at Space Camp

Space camp isn’t just for kids anymore. NASA’s acclaimed educational programming is now available for adults to enjoy at the Adult Space Academy, where you can fulfill your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut (for four days, anyway). You’ll do everything kids do at space camp, like experiencing zero-gravity simulation and learning the basics of rocketry. And for the full summer camp experience, you’ll also share a bunk (or, in space camp terms, a pod) with other adult astronaut impersonators.

  • A Geek Cruise

If cruising through the Bermuda Triangle sounds like your worst nightmare, you’re not the only geek. Who wants to be stuck on a boat for a week with a bunch of bros wearing popped collars and boat shoes? Well, thanks to Scientific American, you and your fellow science nerds can embark on a Geek Cruise.

While taking in the sights and sounds of the open sea, you’ll also have access to some of the most cutting-edge research happening in science today, as presented by practicing scientists. Schmooze and discuss particle physics with fellow enthusiasts, or simply listen to the lectures and then take a break to contemplate the mysteries of the universe as you sun yourself on the deck.

  • The American Classic Arcade Museum

If DOSBox isn’t enough of a nostalgic indulgence for you, it’s time to think outside the emulatorn for this geeky destination. If you have fond memories of 8-bit video games and want to try the real thing, you’re in luck. The American Classic Arcade Museum in New Hampshire is a retro gamer’s dream come true. Play Bingo on Tuesday nights with old-school electronic Bingo machines, or stop by to try out one of their Coleco tabletop consoles, which – depending on your age – might have become defunct before you were born.

Whatever your interests, you can be sure to find a geeky vacation that will fit the bill. Don’t settle for your standard cross-country road trip when you can fulfill your deepest, nerdiest desires.

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