Top 7 Money Earning Games & Apps

Everyone would like to earn some cash on the side, simply by playing online games or completing something with an app. Luckily enough, there is a huge selection of such apps which will turn your handheld device into a personal piggy bank.


  1. Play Casual Games to Earn Money

With the Cash Dazzle app you can play free games online, without having to invest a lot. But, this game will be best for those who were born under a lucky star. While it will be possible to earn money, it will be lucrative to those who have some luck to spare.

  1. Easy and Fun RPG

Simple and addictive RPGs are difficult to find nowadays, especially one you can play on your phone. Though, the Exodus 3000 allows players to quickly accumulate the necessary resources to have real money payout. Be aware that it will be both engaging and demanding game.

  1. And Bingo Was His Name-O

If you enjoy a good round of bingo and want to earn money via your phone, be sure to check out the list of best bingo apps. Before you pick the one you like the most, check if they have a policy on how they pay you real money. Remember to have fun and to yell: BINGO!

  1. Turn Your Screensaver Into Money

When you install App Trailers on your phone, you will be able to make use of your screensaver and every time you unlock your phone, you will earn some money. The good thing about it is that you can have money transferred to your PayPal account, or in a form of a gift card. Moreover, you will be able to find out about ads for some times you might need, new movies and even games.

  1. Play Poker for Money

Card games have always been a fun way to earn money, but it often requires a bit of knowhow and luck on your side. Poker is all about getting the highest combination possible with five cards at your disposal. Pokies will allow you to download the best app for you to enjoy a virtual poker table, and to try your luck.

  1. Document What You Do

If you like taking pictures of things, then you will simply love the Iconzoomer app. It will instruct you to take simple photos of your everyday activities, with clear objectives, and share your snapshots for money.

  1. Meet With People

Meeting up with people has never been easier nor more fun, because with the help of the Phewtick app, you can easily connect with someone. Moreover, with a simple QR code scan, you will confirm your meeting, and it will allow you to collect pint which you can translate into money to pick up later on. You will expand your wallet and your friend list.

Most online apps will have a way for you to cash in on playing games, meeting with someone or snapping pictures.  However, these will be useful for earning money on the side in most cases, and unless you get really good, you should not quit your day job. Nevertheless, having fun and ensuring that you have some extra pocket money is worth the install of a few apps to help pass time.

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