Top Reasons you need a Dedicated Server

In today’s tech-based business world, every company is looking to thrive requires a fully functional site to represent its name online. Most smart entrepreneurs and business managers have figured this out, and that could be the reason there are more than 644 billion functional websites. To ensure that your company website is fully functional, there are important steps you should take, and one of them is choosing an excellent hosting service.

During the initial stages of your business, it makes sense to opt for a shared hosting service. After all, you want your business to grow to point where it can stand on its own and fiancé its expenses. But as your company grows, it will require more resources to run efficiently. That is the main reason you should get dedicated hosting in the first place. Other reasons to upgrade to dedicated servers (also known in Spanish: servidores dedicados) include;

Managing an increasingly larger email list

Most startups go for free cloud-hosted e-mail servers such as Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium. It works perfectly when it comes to keeping your organization’s workforce and in sync with better messaging options. You can also scale up your options in Microsoft Office 365 to enterprise licensing and successfully manage enough user inboxes.

Though this can work, your company will need a dedicated exchange server for better manageability features. Various tasks such as enabling a remote archive need an on-site exchange server. Once your company grows to a, it’s recommended to get a hybrid set up where the company will use Microsoft Office 365 in tandem with a dedicated server.

Many users need to access and use the same data

Even startups and medium-sized enterprises require centralized data storage. While cloud hosting is perfect, at some point, the cost of these services can go unwieldy especially if you are not mindful of SLAs and pricing. Besides, cloud storage is associated with some risks, and in case the internet goes down locally, your employees’ access to the cloud data is disrupted.

You plan to use applications that need a secure database

A good database stores information that can easily be accessed or updated by programs. For example, if you have several worker time clocks or POS stations, a good database should house the relevant files containing the details about order history, inventory, or punch-in times.

You are managing shared resources across the entire organization

Some of the shared resources include applications, printers, and optical disc drives. A great server can take over the print sharing responsibilities of any router and enable the use of seemingly unsupported printers.

You need centralized and better control over network security

In a simple peer-to-peer network configuration, you can install security software for best protection. However, in a working environment where you require more than ten seats, running an installer in every computer takes a lot of time. Having one Windows Server security application make the management of network-wide security easier.

You plan to use a single computer to perform a task of several systems

A dedicated server can assume the function of several devices including backup storage drive, router, firewall, and NAS device. A server enables you to virtualize the functions of several devices to operate simultaneously on the same device.

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