How To Turn Your Home Into A Geek Haven

If you’re a geek it is pretty likely that you want your home to reflect your geekdom. You want your particular fandom to be immortalized in the art and decor of your home. You want people to walk in and know that you are a gamer or a book nerd.

When it comes to making your home a comfortable place where you can enjoy your passions and let your freak flag fly, you need to have the money to create the home you want, as well as the expertise in home decor.  Consider hiring professional house cleaning services to keep your home clean and organized. Plus, you need to have the room to fit all of these things you love.

Do Some Home Improvements

If you don’t have the space you need to show off your anime collection or your collection of vintage horror films, you might want to consider doing some home remodeling work so that you can make the space you need for all of these goodies.

You might need to get a loan to put in an extra room or maybe have some cabinets and shelving designed specifically for your home. Having a mirrored case that fits all of your action figures is a good way to keep them safe and keep them on display too. There’s no sense in collecting all that stuff if you can’t show it off!

Get The Right Decor

You may want to add more to your decor than just finding a spot to tuck away your collections. If you have a bunch of action figures still in their boxes you could hang them on the wall as wall art. Or, maybe you want to purchase some movie posters that go along with the movies in your collection (Amazon and eBay are great places to find this type of stuff).

You may also want to make sure that the rest of your decor goes with your geeky collections. Dr. Who fans may want a blue couch and a silver accent wall. Fans of Marvel may want to integrate vivid comic book colors like red and green into their home. You can even design your own throw pillows to add to your collection and the look of your home.

Electronics Are A Good Addition

You definitely need to have some tech in your geek home if you want it to really be recognizable as a geek haven. Which types of electronics you get for your home will depend on what type of geek you are. And, you may cross geek genres too (plenty do).

Vintage VCRs may be a must for a movie collector, while someone that is into new tech will want the latest Blu-Ray in their home. Gaming geeks could want machines as far back as the first Atari and as new as the Wii U. Just make sure all your tech is easy to get to and use and your home will definitely be your haven.

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