Vaping and electronic cigarettes are the latest disruptive technology – Know why

The President of the AVA or the American Vaping Association, Gregory Conley didn’t put in an effort to become vocal about being a vaping enthusiast but he claimed that he was a dedicated smoker throughout his life who had tried all sorts of smoking cessation options. Until he stepped into the world of e-cigarettes, nothing seemed to work for him. As he soon saw that the FDA and other states were putting a ban on the sales of electronic cigarettes, he started becoming an activist who kept supporting the manufacturing of e-cigarettes.

The FDA or the US Food and Drug Administration might not have succeeded in putting a ban on e-cigs by categorizing them as medicinal devices but this debate is still going on. Apart from the proposed regulations of the FDA, local and state governments are speaking about hefty taxes and regulations. Like Uber, vaping is another disruptive technology and similarly the federal, local and state governments have started making more money from the tobacco companies.

Conley also added that there will be a decline in sales of cigarettes and the governments are going to become more transparent. Rather than making a public health argument, they’re saying that they need the money that they get from the tobacco companies. The director of CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Thomas Frieden is going before Congress to make few bold claims regarding the youth usage of products. Although the CDC has claimed that the e-cigs like V2 e-cigarettes are hooking the young and the non-smokers too, 0.5% of the teens who have never smoked have already begun using an e-cigarette within the last 30 days.

As too many powerful players stand to benefit from anti-e-cigarette regulations, it might seem to be an intimidating task to fight back. The biggest question that needs to be answered is whether or not e-cigarettes let smokers quit. As per the results published in Journal of Addiction, it was found that the smokers who wished to quit tobacco smoking by adopting electronic cigarettes were more successful as against the lot who took to NRT or nicotine replacement therapy.

On the contrary, there are several opponents who falsely claim that electronic cigarettes are becoming the gateway to cigarettes. 1300 college students have become a smoker once they started using e-cigs. Conley even cited that the own numbers of CDC show too many youth experimenting with e-cigs who were never involved in smoking.

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