Why do people trust reviews?

Nowadays, when we want to buy products either from online stores or even local stores, we often find ourselves running to the Internet to search for the company we are hoping to patronize. In some cases, it could be to find their website and check if they sell the product we are interested in and if the product meets the specifications you are looking for. In other cases, it is to look at the reviews that people have left for the company to see if it is good enough for you to patronize the company. There are also other times when we need a particular product or service but we don’t know which company we can buy them from. Thus, in this case, we do not have any online store in mind. So we could search for something like where can I get this item or service. A lot of links would come up that could include review sites. We would want to check and compare a few of the companies that were listed in the search results and we might also check out for reviews of the few companies during the process of comparing them. If you have been wondering why people trust reviews or why you should trust reviews, then you should continue reading these reviews.

Neutral comments
The reviews about a company are mostly given by or are supposed to be given by a neutral person who knows the importance of reviews. This is an individual who does not have any stake or interest with the online store, except that they have patronized the store. Thus, they are only going to be speaking of their knowledge of that company, which would be their experience when they visited the store. Considering that it is not compulsory or even mandatory to leave reviews, they would only be talking if they want to and based on the mood the company left them. If the services of the company made them happy, they would comment happily and in a positive manner. If, on the other hand, the company made them angry, they would comment angrily and in a negative manner. Nobody would lose money to a company and review the company the best in the world.

Trust in the reviews platform
Another reason why people trust reviews enough to base their decision of patronizing an online store or not highly on reviews is because they trust the reviews platform. They are aware that the review company is a trustworthy one where you cannot pay to rig reviews, where all the positive and negative reviews they have ever left have not suddenly disappear and probably, they had tried putting in multiple reviews for a company under different names and both reviews got deleted immediately. Thus, they believe the company is trustworthy and has effective mechanisms in weeding out spam comments.

Knowing that people would talk when they are wronged
Another reason why people trust reviews, especially companies with no negative reviews or just a few is that they know that the probability a customer will complain when a company wrongs them is like 80 percent. This is compared to just like 20 percent that would comment if the company gave them satisfactory service.

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