Why You Need To Get Yourself A Laser Infrared Thermometer

If you need to take fast and highly accurate measurements of surface temperatures with a minimum of effort, there’s no better option than a state of the art laser infrared thermometers.


These are suitable for a wide range of applications across numerous industries, and they are often purchased for applications such as plant and general maintenance, HVAC, transportation and automotive, and of course for health and safety purposes.

This is a top of the line infrared thermometer that works across high temperatures. In fact, you’ll be able to measure temperatures ranging from dramatic lows of -50°C right up to the fiery heights of 1100°C x 0.1°; for your convenience, the laser infrared thermometer can measure in both °C and °F.

The device itself is extremely easy to use. If you need to gauge the temperature of a certain surface without actually touching it, just point the thermometer at your target and then pull the trigger. Information will be provided crystal-clear on the device’s backlit 26mm LCD display, which includes function indicators, customisable readouts for minimum, maximum, average, or the difference between minimum and maximum readings, plus a High/Low alarm.

You won’t need to wait for long thanks to a response time that comes in at less than a second, and information will be stored automatically even after the trigger has been released, though there is a trigger lock function for convenient continuous measurement. To save energy, the device will auto power off after 7 seconds, and a low battery indicator is fitted to stop you running out of juice while you’re on the job.

This Class ll laser can quickly identify the centre point of the area being measured for rapid measurement, and boasts an impressive distance to spot size ratio of 16 to 1 at the focal point. It’s one of the best devices you can get your hands on to measure temperature emitted from objects and if this is something you do a lot, you need one NOW.

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