Writing an Effective Call To Action

Read this through to get $100,000—guaranteed!

Whether you really believe you can get $100,000 just for reading this article or not, that opening line caught your attention and propelled you into reading this sentence—yes?

This is the power of writing an effective call to action.

What is A Call To Action?

In its simplest form, a call to action (CTA) is the final instruction you give someone who finishes a piece of copy, watches a video or looks at a product listing you create. It tells them what to do to derive the benefits you touted and it can be as simple as downloading a file, reading additional material on a topic, or—most importantly for ecommerce—encouraging them to make an immediate purchase.

In a nutshell, your CTA instructs your reader to complete a task.

Employing a CTA in Marketing

Perhaps the most basic CTA you’ll ever see is the two words; “Buy Now!” However, the more information you give people leading up to the CTA, the more likely they are to complete the desired task. Before issuing the instruction, you need to give the reader a very clear understanding of (and create an intense desire for) the benefit(s) they will derive from taking the act. Further, your CTA must deliver immediately when shoppers respond to it.

Elements of an Effective CTA

Clarity and conciseness are paramount. In most cases, you’ll be working with a limited amount of space so every word must count. Let’s say you’re running an ecommerce furniture store. To help you sell your furniture online, include action verbs such as “Get”, “Order” and ‘Receive” in your calls to action. Always include an exclamation point to create a sense of urgency and enthusiasm; these two emotions are key to making your CTA successful.

Inciting Enthusiastic Activity

Radiating zeal generally gets the reader to reflect the same. “Get 50% percent off your purchase, plus our free home decorating guide as a gift to you!” This promises the customer significant savings, plus an opportunity to get free professional home decorating advice. This accomplishes two key goals of an effective call to action. It inspires urgency and spells out exactly what’s in it for the buyer. This CTA also blends a healthy measure of curiosity (what’s in the guide?) with a dose of anticipation (I’m getting a great deal!).

What’s more, this particular CTA incorporates what could be a unique selling position for your furniture store. If you offer free decorating consultations and your competitors do not, you’ve just reminded the buyer why they should shop with you instead of another seller. And, you’ve promised them a massive discount for doing so.

Leverage the Shoppers Fear of Missing Out

One of the most effective tools for motivating buyers is to imply they’ll be missing out on something great if they fail to take action. “Be one of first 250 shoppers and get 50% percent off plus our free home decorating guide as a gift to you!” This CTA tells the reader they are in competition with 249 other people to get the deal. If they don’t buy now, they probably won’t get it. People have a natural aversion to being left out, or missing out on something others are enjoying. This CTA elicits those concerns.

Now, About That $100,00

Perfecting the art of writing an effective call to action will net you more than $100,000 in conversions on your ecommerce site. Remember to only make promises you can keep. Always inspire curiosity, along with anticipation, and leverage the shopper’s fear of missing out. Get the blend right and that $100,000 will be sitting in your bank account.


We guarantee it.

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