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To the uninitiated, the online poker world can be a little daunting. There are so many websites out there, how can you possibly know where to start, where to play, or which site will have the best options? Understandably, many novices look to the folk over at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), as they are the brains behind the world’s longest running and most prestigious poker tournament – therefore, a tried and tested brand that know what they’re talking about. For those wondering where to start, today we’re taking a look at how to get the chips flying with WSOP…


Before you can commence play, you’ll need to download the software. As long as your computer doesn’t date back to the dark ages, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. How long it takes to appear on your computer will of course depend on your broadband speed but in most cases the software will load onto your computer in a matter of minutes.


Next up, you need to register for an account and this means providing a few details. WSOP is the most esteemed name in poker and they take their online security very seriously. Fear not – your data will all be protected. If you’re located in the US state of Nevada, you’re able to play for Real Money. Before you can do so though, you will have to go through the geolocation process to confirm that you are legally allowed to play for cash. WSOP’s technology uses your Wi-Fi signal along with other detected Wi-Fi networks to establish your location.


Now it’s time for the fun part – seeing what fun you have in store! Once you’re registered you can start browsing the latest stats and information to determine which tables to join. Additionally, you will be able to choose between a variety of different poker disciplines, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud. You’ll also notice there are a range of limits for you to choose from, including Fixed Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit. WSOP online also allows you to filter tables according to a number of variables, i.e. how many players, stakes, table availability and so on. At first, you might want to just observe the action before diving in. In which case, you can double click on any game to observe the action as it happens.

Game on

Once you’ve established the lie-of the land and got settled in, there’s nothing else for it – it’s time to take the plunge and play for real. We know you’ll have a good time. Just think, this could all be practice for playing at the World Series of Poker one day. Las Vegas beckons!

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